Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, if there is one thing that Kaleigh is serious about in life so far... it is her dancing! She is out of control when it comes to dancing and especially when it is Baby Mozart that she is listening to! We have to hold on to her very tight when we are in church and they start to sing a hymn. It is really fun to watch her grow and learn and develop her own little personality! We do have to admit that we are a little nervous for the future and both agree that we are going to have our hands full with this hyper child!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a fun Thanksgiving we had! I have to be honest when I say that I was not really looking forward to my first Thanksgiving away from home. I thought it would be okay, but that I would wish we were home the whole time. Well, it would have been fun to be home, but it was also really fun here. We started off the day playing football with some people in our ward. I don't know if our team won or not, but I am proud to say that I made a touchdown! I have never made one before, so that was exciting! It was really fun to watch all the couples trying to juggle our babies while playing football at the same time. We did a few trick plays with them by passing the baby and then catching the football to go in for a touchdown! All three of the babies are great football players!
We then went to the Owen's home along with a few other couples in the ward to eat a delicious Thanksgiving meal! While we ate and hung out for a while, Kaleigh was busy kissing Carson. I would say we are in trouble with this little girl, but it was Trevan that is teaching her this habit. So, which one of them is suppose to get in trouble?
We are very THANKFUL this Thanksgiving to have such an amazing ward out here in Baltimore. They have made us feel so welcome, and we have such a fun time with them anytime we can get together. It is so nice to have a family away from home! It is nice that they made it possible for us to end our Thanksgiving holiday with a sore body, and a full belly!

27 yrs old!

27 Years Old! aahhhh! I am only 3 years away from my 30's. Now that is scary. I had a great Birthday! First of all, Trev let me sleep in. That in and of itself was good enough for me! Then when I woke up, I opened my bedroom door and heard Trev tell me to go back inside the room and shut the door! While I enjoyed just relaxing on the bed a little longer, Trevan came into the room with Kaleigh crawling behind him and he had made me BREAKFAST IN BED! It was my very first BREAKFAST IN BED! He then got the camera and filmed me while he sang the Hatch Family Birthday Song to me! Then I blew out my candle. (The sugar cookie candle that Trev grabbed out of the kitchen!)
We then got ready and went to church. After church, we came home ate and then opened some gifts that my mom had sent me! I got some new clothes, some delicious pine nuts, and my in-laws gave me money to go buy a new laminator machine from Target! Trevan got me some paper for the machine. So... now I have some fun projects to work on to keep myself busy! We then watched a movie before going to bed and officially becoming an old lady!
It really was a fun B-Day!