Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taking off Again!!!

We are taking off again! Trev got accepted to LSU for a PhD! (And also got accepted to Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago!) We will move to Baton Rouge for him to attend LSU, and he will also do the other degree at the same time whenever he has time!!! If anyone knows anything good about this place, please tell me! If you only know bad things, keep quiet! I am trying really hard to convince myself to be happy about leaving Utah and everything we love again!

The "Y"

Enjoyed our Memorial Day hiking the "Y" with Britney and Justin's family! Such a beautiful view of Utah Valley! Love this place!!!!

Happy Birthday to our Wild Child!!!!

Happy Birthday to Emma!!!! 2 years old! Wow, how time flies by!!!!!!! Emma has been such a blessing to us this last 2 years! She was one hard baby for her first year, but made up for it this 2nd year! She is such a happy and energetic child! I don't think a day goes by that we don't get a really good laugh out of her! She is so smart and fun! Love this girl to pieces!!!!!!!! ( I promise that her hair doesn't look like this in the mornings! She is a well dressed child with cute hair for about an hour of the day, but after that she changes clothes and rips hair our! Just need to make it clear that I don't purposely have her look this way in all of her pictures!)

Hatch Family Camp Out!!!

We usually go on our Hatch Family camp out at one of the CamperWorld parks that Trevs Grandpa owns! Well, they parks were totally full, so we decided to camp out in Grandma Neice, and Grandads backyard! It ended up being sooooo much fun! We got there and set up our tents, had a great dinner, made smores at the campfire and went to sleep! Woke up to an awsome breakfast and a little play put on by the little girls! We all really enjoyed ourselves and cant wait until next years adventure!!!