Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things we will miss from our Summer in Utah!

Feeding the Ducks at BYU!
Our Daily morning walks to Aunt Camme's to swim with Grandma and her sisters!
Blow-up toys!
Playing with Grandparents!
Helping Grandparents work in the yard!
B.B.Q's with friends!
Swimming with friends!
Camping with Family!
The Cabin!
Boating, skiing, wakeboarding and tubing!
Good friends!
Every Wed night rollerblading up the canyon! (Having near death experiences trying to dodge the crazy out of control bikers!)
Staying at the Covey's house. Playing in their huge yard while Trevan spends hrs mowing it!

Trev's First Book Signing!

Trevan had his first book signing in Utah! (He had his second one a few weeks later!) We went to visit him and look who else showed up! That's right... Elmo! Kaleigh was in heaven. We ask her what the elmo song is and she starts singing "La La La La". Anyway, she gave him hugs and kisses and would not let him out of her sight the whole time.
For those of you who have not yet gotten Trev's book... I highly recommend you do! It is really an excellent book and will keep your attention. You will learn so much from it! It is available at Seagull Book, Deseret Book, Amazon and Granite Publishing! You will not be sorry if you get it!