Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Only 41 inches around!

Now this is scary! We decided to mearsure my belly the other night and found that I am only 41 inches around! Good thing I am down to days until the baby is born and can start loosing those inches!

Christmas Treats!

My cousin, Darise, and I made some really good Christmas cookies and fudge for our friends.

Flaming Gorge!

We went to Flaming Gorge over the summer! It was my first time to go river rafting, and was so much fun! The water was so clear and pretty! I was pretty tempted to get in a few times, but the thought of freezing and getting left behind before I could get back onto the raft stopped me from doing so!
We make quiet the couple don't we? Trev had to get his 3rd sinus surgery done at the begining of the year and I am nine months pregnant. It was a toss up to decide which one of us should be helping the other with everything!

New Christmas Tradition!

We started a new Hatch family tradition of making Gingerbread Houses every year! We felt pretty successful with our first one! (At least after we fixed the roof that had caved in on it!)


Trevan has a great city basketball team. The team name is "MILD SAUCE" and they are all working their skills on the court to eventually be worthy of the name "HOT SAUCE".

BYU Football

We had season tickets and the Utah game was the best of all. Go Cougars!