Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big 1!!!

Happy First Birthday Emma!!!!!!
I can not believe that a year ago, I was in Baltimore having our second baby! Time flies by fast when your having fun right! And children grow up so quickly!
We have absolutely loved having Emma in our family this last year! She is so fun and has a great personality! We are so blessed to have her and can not get enough of her!
We had a great day! First of all, it was great to have her birthday on a Sunday because that is the only day that Trevan is around! We went to church, came home and cooked to prepare for our bbq party with many of my siblings and some friends! Emma loved digging into her cupcake and gobbled it right up! (She now walks into the kitchen and points to the leftover cupcakes and says "more", while pointing to them.)
It was a very fun day for Emma and for us!
Love, Love, Love this girl!