Monday, May 23, 2011


We are living in Mississippi for the summer working for Vivint! It is really fun to get out of Utah for a little while and see new places! I had no idea of what to expect there. So far though, it is hot and humid, but beautiful and green as well. The people are extremely kind everywhere you go as well!

The girls (and I) were SOOOOOO happy to see Daddy again after almost 3 weeks apart from him!

Hanging out with cousin, Peyton! She is so dang cute!

Found a great park to go to! (Just wish it were not so humid now). Have you ever seen such an awesome swing like the one Trev is in? It is actually a very comfortable chair! We need these in the parks in Utah!

Trev wrecked our car going 80 mph and almost hitting an animal taking him on a long ride going sideways on some grass (275 feet) in a rain storm. We are still waiting for it to get fixed! Enjoying a nice new rental until then!

Emma got her first face injury from falling down. Looks much better in this picture taken 3 days later.

Swimming on the deck! Our favorite thing to do so far!

Matt and Elise = Husband and Wife!!!!

These two handsome boys are still available! Any takers?

Hanging out with Uncle Matt before he gets married!