Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The Famous mattress sliding down the stairs at the cabin! Funny to see my children doing what I did as a young girl! Our awesome cheap glasses we got on sale at Wal-mart! Kal wears her glasses everywhere!

Enjoying the Fall leaves! We spend hours throwing bouncy balls in the pile of leaves and the girls find all of them! Try it, it takes forever and you can get a chance to sit and talk to your spouse without interruptions every second!

We have been taking many walks up to the waterfalls in the canyon!

Been taking many little over-nighters to the cabin! It is so beautiful in the mountains right now! That's right! This child wants to be potty trained. We have been at it for about a month now. She does really good too! Helps having older siblings for them to watch and want to be like!
Now.... any advice on how to break them from the bottle?
Didn't work to well with Kaleigh. I couldn't get her to keep drinking milk after the bottle was gone and I don't want that to happen with Emma too.

Busy, but Fun Halloween!

Making Halloween cookies! Such a fun tradition in the Hatch Family! Its always a race to see if the parents can decorate the cookies as fast as the children eat the candy!

Carving Pumpkins at Uncle Justin and Aunt Brittneys!!!

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Kaleigh's pre-school! Gardner Village with the Hunters! So fun to get together! Wish it happened more often!

Finally, Halloween night!
We started off the evening being very tired and immediately falling asleep in the car! Luckily, after a few minutes of Trunk-or-Treat, the girls were awake and ready for the evening! We went to eat pizza at grandma and grandad Hatch's, then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gardner. Then off Trick-or-Treating we went! Both girls loved it. At almost every single house, Kaleigh would run up and knock on the door with her cousins. The people would answer the door and Kal would immediately say "My name is KALEIGH HATCH!". Emma on the other hand, would just grab for their bowl of candy and start taking! She would not let us hold her basket either. This girl means business and does not mess around!
(We were all cracking up watching Em walk around all night. Her little bootie was not so little in her kitty-cat costume, and she could not stop jumping and running! So funny!)