Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A Butterfly and a Frog!

We had two cute little bugs for Halloween! I do have to say... (at least for me!) It is much more fun to go trick-or-treating with my children than it was going as a child myself! I loved watching Kaleigh having so much fun going to a ward party and then going door to door to get candy! She loved it, and has asked to go everyday since!


Carving pumpkins with Kaleigh was really fun this year! Every time we go home she wants us to all look at her pumpkin on the front porch! Very proud of her project! She had a lot of fun carving with Daddy and then cooking the seeds and eating them with Grandma Necie!!!


Witch doing the Cannon Ball!
Emma hanging out with Uncle Matt and Elise!

My family took a little ride up to Gardner Village to see all the cute little shops and go on the witch hunt!It was so much fun! I do have to say that out of all the witch's there, our little Kaleigh was BY FAR the cutest one there!!! (Along with her cute cousin Jaydenn!)
I have always heard about Gardner Village, but never been there until now! I guess it is about time considering I am a Gardner myself!