Tuesday, February 23, 2010

POP goes my belly!

Only three more months to go!!!


So glad that there is more to life than potty training and having picnics with Mickey, Minnie, Mr. Bear, Aligator, Baby, Elmo and Dogs! We have been trapped in our home with all this snow! Luckily, we are free again and it has been great!
I guess being stuck in doors was good for two things though... She is doing AWESOME with the potty training and knows all of her different foods!
We finally got the chance to use our new sled that my parents got Trev for Christmas a few years ago! We took Kaleigh to a school nearby and thought she would love the sled! Boy were we wrong. She hated it! I think it was a little too fast and bumpy for her. She does love walking in and eating the snow though!