Thursday, September 27, 2012


Goodbye family! 
Once again, we had to say Goodbye to our families. Always a hard thing to do. 
But, sooooo soooo soooo glad I got to meet my new niece, Evie Faye Gardner! She is so adorable. My girls have been waiting to meet her, and finally got to see her for a few hours before taking off to Baton Rouge! 
Can't wait to get home so I can have time to play with and hold her! 
Off to Baton Rouge we go, and will post about our new home soon! 


It just doesn't get much better than Lake Powell! 
I have gone to Lake Powell every year of my life until... I got pregnant with Kaleigh! I have never been since (almost 5 years). I got lucky having my Uncle Larry invite me to go this year and being able to change our flights to Baton Rouge! 
We had sooooooo much fun! 
So happy to find out I can still water ski and wake board! My tubing skills have gone down and need some more work though:(  
Kal and Emma loved it as well! I think they bring it up everyday asking when we get to go again! (We might need to give the beaches some time to get new shells on them for my children to collect again! I think we brought all of them home with us!)
Thank you Larry and Gina! Feel free to invite us anytime!