Friday, October 9, 2009


We are going to have another baby!!!
We are so, so, so excited too! (Not sure how excited Kaleigh is going to be, but we sure are!) I am only about two months along, so have a long 7 months ahead of me! Luckily I have not been sick yet. I was super super sick with Kaleigh, but I have heard that each pregnancy gets better and easier. Is this true? I think maybe instead of my body being affected by pregnancy it is my brain. So far I have.... tried to put the milk away in the microwave instead of the fridge, dumped the left-overs in the lid of the tubaware rather than the container part, and worst of all... the other day I waited for Kaleigh to go down for her nap leaving her home with Trevan studying and I drove to Wal-Mart to get all my groceries and a few other things. I got there and quicky got everything I needed. I got up in line to check out. When I went to pull my wallet out I realized I had forgotten to get it out of the diaper bag at home. HATE when this happens. Well, I disappointedly left to head for home. On my way home I passed the market and decided to go get some blueberries. Well, luckily they were closed and I didn't have to go inside to embarrass myself again. (Still not having my wallet.) So, I head for home again and notice the Rite-Aid. I so smartly thought I would stop there and get some diapers for Kaleigh so I wouldn't have to go all the way back to Wal-Mart that same day. I pick out the diapers I want, get up to the register only to realize I STILL didn't have my wallet. Who does this? Is it true that your brain goes crazy while your pregnant?
Hopefully I survive this next 7 months and still have any brain at all!