Monday, April 12, 2010

She is taking over!

Check out the new cook in our house!
(I wish!)
Don't you wish that cooking was as fun for us Mother's? Wouldn't it be great to put on the apron, hat and a nice big smile like Kaleigh and we could all enjoy cooking a little bit more?
The best part would be... when you get sick of playing "the cook," you could stop!


We had a GREAT Easter this year! It was so nice to wake up, make a good breakfast, have fun dying eggs with Kaleigh and then going on an Easter egg hunt! Kaleigh absolutely loved it! When we were done, she would go around the house finding ANYTHING that was out and would get so excited to put it in her basket! (One of the first times our house was actually clean because of Kaleigh instead of me!)
The best part was spending the whole day all together! Trev didn't have any church callings to do, and we got to watch conference together! Then we went out on a walk in the nice warm weather! Wish everyday could be this way!