Monday, July 18, 2011

Enough Said...

My families view right now....

My view right now...

The only thing in common is we both see a lot of water.
So Sad:(

4th of July!

I bet you have never spent your 4th of July celebrating at Chuck E Cheese! I guess there is a first time for everything right?
We are just wanting to know if they even celebrate FREEDOM in Mississippi! We could not find much of anything to do, and after the long rainy day, and driving around looking for anything to do, yes, we ended up at Chuck E Cheese.
Guess it doesn't matter much because the girls LOVED it and enjoyed the celebrating!

The happenings of lately...

Stacking baby food on each other until they fall and smash our toes, we cry and then do it all over again and again and again!

Making fruit loop necklaces for us and Daddy! (She begged him to wear it to church. He should have!)

Is it a hobby or being totally bored? Kaleigh moves her toys from one corner to the next and stacks them all together as tight as possible.

Trying to succeed in making some good chocolate chip cookies. I have failed two times in a row now. I am going to blame it on the altitude difference. Good excuse, or do I just give up and accept the fact that I don't make good cookies?

Playing with the Uncles!!!

Can't figure out day after day why she doesn't fit in the car.

Playing with Coal! Matt and Elise's cute little kitty cat!!!

Poor Emma. She got attacked all over by ants at the volleyball court. This picture is nothing compared to what it really looks like either.