Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help me out Cookers!

My sweet husband was one HUGE sweetheart on Valentines Day! He surprised me with a VERY-LONG-TIME wanted KitchenAid! We didn't get anything for Christmas, and he decided to take a little of our tax returns and purchase this for me! However... I have a good friend that has had some problems with her KitchenAid, which brought me to the computer to research about them. It seems that many people have problems with theirs going out on them, but of course there were more people saying good stuff rather than bad about them. Luckily, KitchenAid is good about exchanging them. It is nice that they will exchange for me, but do I even want to go there? So... I started reading about the Bosch Mixer. It seems to be good as well. I just don't know enough about either of them and need some help deciding! Any suggestions?