Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are officially Baltimorians!

We are officially Baltimorians! (As sister Allison in the ward puts it!) We arrived here about two weeks ago and have had crazy lives since then! However, things are finally calming down. We finally have a kitchen with food in it so we can eat real meals, we have the internet so we can blog and communicate with the outside world, and best of all we have the T.V and can watch the first BYU football game tonight!
We are really doing great though! Trev is so excited to start his schooling and find a little part time job somewhere! I am excited to learn my way around Baltimore, find an online job (any ideas?) and hang out with the other women and children in the ward! The ward is honestly what is going to keep us going out here! (At least keep me going because it will help me have a social life!) They have been great to us and I know we are going to make some good friends.
It is a totally new and different life for us, but we are excited about it!

Scary, Crazy and Insane!

I will never complain again about the traffic in Provo! This is what we get to look forward to around 4:00 in the afternoon! I will admit to being a little nervous driving alone around here!

Favorite toys!

Kaleigh has an entertainment chair, a bin full of toys and the only thing that seems to work lately is my kitchen utensils! The older she gets, the harder to entertain she gets as well!

The newest Victoria Secret model!

What do you guys think? If they had a baby Victoria Secret, would she be in it?

First Playgroup!

Thank goodness for playgroups in the wards outside of Utah! The girls in our ward have been great about making me feel welcome! They wasted no time with getting hold of me and making sure I knew about the playgroups and went to the zoo with them my first week here! Too bad Kaleigh was more interested in eating her feet than watching the animals!

Our new home!

This is our new apartment! It is a two bedroom, two bathroom and I think we are going to like it a lot!

Fun before moving!

Just before we moved, we went to my cousins wedding in the Salt Lake City temple and took this cute picture of Kaleigh! We also had a bbq with the Hatch family and took a picture of Kaleigh with her best cousin Danielle!