Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upside Down!

Wow! Our lives have been turned upside down the last few months! We have added little Emma to our family, and moved from Baltimore back home to Utah.
Big Changes!
Emma has been so much fun having around and I will post some pictures of her as soon as I get a minute to upload them onto our computer. (Trev has the computer at school with him almost all day everyday.)
Here are some of the things we will miss the most...
Trevan teaching Seminary! (The only pic I have, but there is usually a few more students!)

Playgroups! We had so much fun going to playgroup every week! We really do miss this so much! Kaleigh misses all of her friends and still talks about them all the time.

Kaleigh's little sidekick in Baltimore! Kaleigh and Carson were connected at the hip. They wanted to play with each other all day everyday, and they were so funny together!
She misses and talks about all of her other little buddies as well!

The ward get-togethers! We miss all of the fun times getting together with good friends in the ward! We miss BBQ's, game nights and many more memories we have with our ward friends! The best of times!

Mondays- Make Bread with Julianna Days! Julianna and I started making bread together a few months after I moved to Baltimore and didn't stop until just days before I moved away! This was one of my hightlights every week! Our kids always had so much fun together while we cooked away in the kitchen!

And of course.... Trev, Kaleigh and I will miss our little kitchen table!!! (Two TV tables stuck together!)

Girl-Night-Outs! Some of the very best times in Baltimore! Loved having a little break from the kids and everyday duties to go out and have fun with the girls who have become some of my very best friends!

There are so many more memories that I do not have photos of (Quiet Books, BYU games, game nights, craft nights, Holidays...)Moving away has been very hard for us (at least for me!) We met some amazing people in Baltimore and hope to keep them as good friends! What a fun experience we had in our life that we will never forget!

The Graduate!

Congrats to Trevan on graduating with his Masters Degree!
What a man! He did it! Not only did he graduate, he did it with a 3.9 GPA and got all A's with only 1 B+!
We were so lucky to have Trevs parents come out for the graduation! We had a lot of fun having them come visit us in Baltimore and celebrating such a great event!