Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Now!

Got all moved into our new apartment in N.Orem and are loving it!

Happy Birthday to Trevan! (On July 30th). We didn't get to do much of anything on his birthday, so we had a little celebration with family when we got home! Better late than never right? Wish I could have made the Big 30th a little more fun for him!

Playing in water all the time. We can start feeling the coolness in the mornings and evenings a little bit, so we are enjoying the good weather as much as possible while its here!

Spending our days with Emma and her two HUGE obsessions. SHOES and UNDERWEAR! Crazy girl is so sensitive about these two items. She has to choose which shoes to wear and has the hugest fits if we try to change them. If she gets a chance to get hold of any of Kals underpants, she has to put them on over her clothes and we are NOT allowed to touch them. I should record some of her tantrums and post them. Its really funny! She is one funny girl!

Missing Mississippi???

First of all..... YAY! We are finally home!!!
Second.... NO, we do not miss Mississippi at all!
We got spoiled on our flight home as well! We got to fly right into the little Provo airport! So exciting! I called my Mom when we landed and they were there waiting for us by the time we got off the airplane!
So, No, we will not miss the State of Mississippi. I guess looking back at some pictures, there are a few things we will miss though!

Cousin Peyton! We will miss not hanging out with her Every Single Day! She is so cute and the girls became such good friends!

One of the two things we did all the time for entertainment..... Chuck E Cheese!

Sunday night hangouts with Daddy! It became tradition to cover the pool with blankets and have a "Popcorn Party" while watching Tangled! Sunday was our only night with Trev home, so we always made it fun for the girls!

Our second place of entertainment! The Blow-up slides! This was really fun! Both girls loved it, had no Fear and endless energy! We will really miss going with Savannah, Evie and Peyton to play on the slides.

Game Nights with the fam! Soooo fun living in the same complex as family! It made me miss Baltimore a lot having so many get-to-gethers with close friends/family!
Good Times!