Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our little fish!

I am so glad to see that our daughter loves the water! She even enjoyed Grandpa Big Ard's cold pool! Everytime we put her in it she would take a big breath, but I figured since she never cried she was okay with it!

My first Mother's Day!

I came in the bedroom to find kaleigh laying on the bed with a new I-Pod and a note saying "Happy Mother's Day!"
It was fun to be a mom this year!


We have wanted to get Kaleigh a swing so bad. We went to our friends, Rory and Savannah's, house the other day and they gave their swing to us because their baby hates it, and Kaleigh is obsessed with it! We always get a huge smile out of her when she is swinging!

Memorial Day!

Kaleigh hanging out with Aunt Sharlie and Grandad Hatch on Memorial Day!

The bottle sling!

My cousin, Tysen, told me about this bottle sling. I was so excited to get one because then I would get a little break from feeding Kaleigh once in a while. (Especially when we go out to eat) However, she is just too interested in the sling, and the color of it that she will not eat her bottle from it. Maybe when she gets a little older!


Bath time is the best time! Kaleigh is always happy when she is in the bath!