Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The life jacket has become one of Kals favorite pieces of clothing! She wants to wear it all the time!

Grandma Niece comforting Emma after Trevan dunked her in the water. She hated it, but after a minute of calming down she actually enjoyed the water!

The babysitters while we went on a canoe ride!

Kaleigh and Ellie!

Little Emma!

A little about Emma!
I keep getting told to post pictures of Emma up so family and friends not living here can see her! She has grown so much! She now weighs 11 1/2 lbs and is one long girl! (Getting chunky too!) She is so cute and fun! Trevan got her to laugh for the first time yesterday and we could sit and watch it hour after hour! It is so fun!
Crystal gave her a first hair cut last weekend. You probably think I am crazy because she is fairly bald, however, she has tons in the back and I don't want it to grow in like a mullet!
Kaleigh LOVES Emma and is pretty good with her.
Anyway... here are some recent pics of her! I will try to be better about taking more and posting them!


Better LATE than NEVER! Right?
I am just now finding time to blog more often! I am not up-to-date yet, but am working on it!
We had a very fun 4th of July! Started off going to the parade! Kaleigh LOVED it. (So did Trev, well at least he loved throwing all the poppers we bought!) We had a BBQ and then walked over to the Stadium of Fire! It was a great show this year! Kaleigh cried through the fire works and has been scared of them since, and Emma slept through them! Very fun though!
On Monday, we continued celebrating by going up the canyon to Dear Creek and swimming in the lake! Had a fun time later that evening having another BBQ and more fire works!