Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Lot of White Stuff!

Here is our car after the 2 foot snowfall!

Decided to go out and have some fun last night! Kaleigh loved riding on the sled!

What a man! Since we don't have a snow shovel, Trev used our dust pan to make a trail for us to get outside of our apartment!

The big 2!

Look what Kal got for her Birthday!!!
Potty Training! I am a little nervous about this! Any advice would be great! I have heard so many different ways to try it, and also heard that if it goes bad at first it could become a much more difficult thing!

We took Kal to a blow up toy place to celebrate her 2nd Birthday! She LOVED LOVED LOVED it! She asks almost every day if we can go jump and slide! She is one brave little girl too. She never cared for us to be with her. She enjoyed it if we were, but would have gone either way!
I also had to experience my first time of having to pay for her for something. Ouch!