Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rolling over already???

Kaleigh loves to try and roll over! I can rarely lay her down and get her to stay still on her back anymore. She is getting really really close to accomplishing her goal!

Congrats Trev!!!

Trev has finally graduated! I get really excited to think that he is done with school, until I remember that he is only about half way done becuase we are now leaving for grad school in Baltimore, MD in August! It will be fun though!!!

Walked the Walk!!!


This has been one of our most successful ideas for entertainment! She really enjoyed this one!

Uncle Trevon!

Kaleigh with her uncle Trevon the day before he left on his mission! (Do you love the Carlos Boozer jersey that Trev got her at the first playoff game?)

Uncle Chase!

Uncle Chase just returned from his mission in Chuahua, Mexico! (Looks like a returned missionary don't you think?)


Trevan blessed Kaleigh at the beginning of April! He did a great job and she was given an amazing blessing! She wore the same dress that I wore when I was blessed.


Better late than never uh? Easter is long gone now, but I wanted to post these pictures of Kaleigh in her cute easter dress that her Grandma Gardner bought her!