Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years!

Our family has a tradition of doing our stockings on New Years rather than on Christmas! All growing up our extended family would get together at my grandparents and party all night long, eventually fall asleep and then wake up to stockings full of goodies to eat and a whole day to play with cousins! I got the girls new stockings this year that they loved looking through New Years Morning!

We spent New Years with Trevs family this year! We had fun eating and hanging out in the evening. We then went home to sleep, woke up to do stockings and then took off to meet my family at our cabin in the most beautiful city of Midway!
We had a great time at our cabin! I was especially excited this year because we had some of our cousins, the Hunters, come up with us! It was so fun to spend time with them doing crafts and eating pine nuts! (Have you ever tried chest nuts? Well, my cousin Jen brought some up for us to try and by the time I got to it there was just one left and it turned out to be bad. However, I hear they are really good and plan to try them soon!)
My really cool Mom spent time planning some fun things for us to do! She cut out these boots, and we each got to decorate one! It was so fun! I find it totally unfair that my Mom is so amazing at arts and crafts, and I got NONE of her skills. Maybe I will gain some through more practice!


As usual, we had a great Christmas this year! It was fun to spend time with both of our families, and especially fun to watch Kaleigh open her presents while Emma played in her wrapping paper!