Thursday, April 23, 2009

Loads of Fun! (Week 4)

We got to go golfing with Derrick and Ashley! We are starting Kaleigh early in hopes that she will love to golf as much as we do! We might be in luck since she loves playing with the golf clubs and balls and riding in the cart!

Loads of Fun! (Week 3)

National Aquarium! Smithsonians!

We had so much fun with my parents! We went to Washington D.C a few times and saw many of the amazing Smithsonian Museums! (The Natural History Museum was my favorite by far!) We also went to Philly, Fort McHenry, the National Aquarium and many more things!

Loads of Fun! (Week 2)

Congratulations Derrick and Ashley!

These three are available!

I flew home to Utah to see my brother Derrick, get married to Ashley! We are so excited to have another sister-in-law in the family! We spent most of the vacation being sick, but the days we felt good were super fun! It was fun to see all of our good friends and family at the wedding.

Loads of Fun! (Week 1)

Statue of Liberty!
Some of Kal's friends!

Trev's sister Brittney and her husband Justin, Grandmom and Grandad, Dad, me, Trev and Kal!

Liberty Bell!

Some of Trevan's family came out to visit us and to watch his sister Sharlie, sing with her high school choir at Carnegie Hall. (spelling?) We got to go to Gettysberg with them, to Philly to see many of Grandmom and Grandads mission friends and to N.Y.C! It was so much fun!