Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting so BIG so FAST!

Trev and I agree with each other that Kaleigh has all the sudden gotten so BIG so FAST! She has started to climb up everything in sight, crawling faster and faster and non-stop talking. Everything she says is "Dotty, Dod, Dye", I have a feeling her first words are going to be "Daddy". Just thought I would post a few cute pictures of her that we have recently taken!

Rosh Hashana under the Stars!

We decided to spend last Monday night with the Jewish people to celebrate Rosh Hashana! This is their celebration of the New Year. It is the 2nd Holiest day in the year. We went to Rosh Hashana Under the Stars and ate apples and honey with them to celebrate a sweet New Year!
Before we went though, my friend Julianna and I made some jewish bread and took it with us to eat with our families!
It was really fun, and interesting learning so many things about the Jewish culture our here!

What to do now?

I am a little bummed right now about the seasons changing. It is starting to get cold here in the evenings, and I am not sure what Kaleigh and I are going to do without our evening walk. (One of the three we take everyday.) When she gets upset, and fussy... a walk does the trick for me ever time. I will have to think of something new, any ideas?