Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vacation Fun!

Although we spent most of our Christmas vacation taking turns being sick, we had a lot of fun times too!
Hanging out with SUPERBRAD! (Uncle Brad) Kal always starts out being a little nervous around this guy (kinda intimidating looking for a kid probably!), but ends up loving him!

Going to the cabin and making a snowman with Daddy! Then we have to sing ONCE THERE WAS A SNOWMAN a million times after!

Trev hot tubing with the brother-in-laws! Always fun to be so warm in the hot tub when it is FREEZING cold outside!

Playing with Grandma Niece and Grandad!

We went and saw some really cool ice castle's and sculptures at our cabin in Midway!

Every year my brothers and good friends get a city team together! Trev had fun playing on it again!

Cousin Ellie who is only a few weeks younger than Kal. They have so much fun together!

Shoveling snow at the cabin with Grandma!

Shoveling snow with Daddy!

Kaleigh loves loves loves her new cousin Peyton! This gives me hope that she will like her new baby sister too!

Sitting the bench with Daddy and Uncle Trevy! (Trevon)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Christmas and New Years!

Our Christmas Day! Spending time with both of our families was so much fun!

My mom made us this awesome marble game, and we have become obsessed with it! Trev's family really got hooked on it too.
We had fun at my grandparents on New Years Eve! It was fun to see my child being the one playing the games and hitting the pinata. Brought back a lot of memories for me of when I was the one doing it all those years growing up!