Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas fun for 2011!!!

Christmas morning!!! So much fun having little children to watch on Christmas! It is really what makes your Christmas so much fun and special!!!

We got to go on a fun sleigh ride with the Gardner family!!! It was really fun, (except for Emma crying the whole time:) All the children loved riding behind the horses and listening to the bells around their necks!

Kimball Christmas party! The one thing Kaleigh looks forward to every Christmas now is doing the tu-a-tah (spelling?) which is a crazy weird funny dance we do every year!

And of course.... the gingerbread houses!!!! So much fun for everyone, and a great tradition! The only bad thing is that eventually, one day, we have to get rid of the houses and the girls are heart broken!
A great Christmas overall for the Hatch Family!!!


The Hatch Batch said...

Love the gingerbread houses, the sleigh ride and crazy Christmas moring hair;) Good seeing you at the fam party. Sorry about our stubborn husbands!

bilmoko deals said...

Cutie gingerbread nips house. Hope to make one.